1. R

    Gastroparesis/Delayed Gastric Emptying caused by Trileptal?

    Hi I was diagnosed with gastroparesis which is like a partially paralysed stomach last week, so basically my stomach takes forever to process food. Anywho after a year of constant nausea, random vomiting, weight loss, severe belching, tiredness, just feeling out of sorts etc i got the diagnosis...
  2. C

    trileptal, depakote and hyponatremia

    My 20 yr old daughter contracted encephylitus and suffered a stroke secondary when she was 8 yrs old...last 12 yrs have been chasing seizure control and we've been on every med. The last year has been better...she's taking Trileptal, Banzel and Valium...we recently added Depakote which she'd...
  3. P

    Sandifers Syndrome - Trileptal

    I have been posting on and off for the past two years about my son's cluster seizures. I want to thank everyone who has responded. He does have epilepsy but we just got a diagnosis, after two years of incorrect diagnosis, of Sandifers Syndrome. In other words, extreme acid reflux due to the...
  4. B

    Issues with meds and scared to rejoin the workforce.

    I have focal seizures. I've been on lamictal, Keppra and now trileptal. Lamictal worked but I had a few break through auras, would drop things all the time and couldn't remember words or they would come out wrong. I also had no memory. It gave me horrible acne. I tried every medication the...
  5. B

    Medications for Simple Partial

    I feel like the side effects of the meds are worst than having the simple partial seizures. So far I've been on Lamictal, Keppra and now Trileptal. All of them caused memory issues, speech problems, made me feel tired. Lamictal also gave me horrible acne. Keppra made me very irritable and the...
  6. B

    Weight Gain! Ugggh!

    I have simple partial seizures. I started out on Lamictal and it was working great but after 11 months and increasing my dosage, I got the worst acne of my life. It was horrible and was making me depressed. My dr. put me on Keppra but after only 4 months she took me off. I was depressed, moody...
  7. K


    Hey all, My son is taking Trileptal for his complex partials. Doctor added Depakote today over the phone for some symptoms like eye blinking and dizziness that isn't being covered by the Trileptal (and we can't increase the Trileptal because of extreme nausea when we tried to increase it a...
  8. Bluesbrkr

    Please Help! Painful mouth sores when changing meds around

    Hi. I have been on 800 MG Lamictal and 1200 Trileptal and was finding them slowly losing their effectiveness to where I was having 5-10 simples a day. My Neuro decided to try me on Depakote and that has been working very well. I've also been able to lower my Lamictal dosage, which i'm sure my...
  9. M

    Mom of 5 yr old with epilepsy

    Hi all. I am the mother of a 5 yr old who was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was almost 2. At that time he had a "grand mal" seizure (I guess those are called generalized tonic clonic now), and went one to have a week of "drop attack" seizures while being hospitalized until the docs could get...
  10. B

    Trileptal and hot flashes :(

    Hey, Gang! Anyone else taking Trileptal and coping with miserable hot flashes? I'm 25 and I'm female, I take a measly 450mg twice daily, and I am burning up usually once a day and at least 4 or 5 times a week!!! I'm going to see my neurologist on Tuesday, so I am going to complain to him and...
  11. justPassing

    Follow up Keppra

    Hello, ;-) I was quiet with Christmas coming I was kind of busy. Yesterday have moved to the family country house for the kids vacations. When I was about finishing to get the last things before a cousin came to pick us up, the nurse called. She had reviewed my last email about Keppra sides...
  12. K


    Just curious , has anyone used Trileptal? If so, How is it for you? My doctor has changed me, because my Dilantin levels were too low, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how it does for them. Thank you guys.:):):):bigsmile:
  13. Elaine H

    Anyone tried trilpetal?!

    Hi Guys As I've had no real success with Keppra, 1500mg am 1500mg pm, my doctor has suggested I try and gradually introduce Trileptal. I am currently having mainly Simple Partial Seizures/Auras and having read up on Trileptal, I am aware that it is best effective for Simple and Complex...
  14. speber

    Suicide Risk From 11 Epilepsy Drugs

    I received this in an email and thought I should share with you all since I've seen threads recently touching on the subject of Trileptal and its effects on you: ...and I thought it was just me feeling 'off'........whew!
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