1. P

    Does anyone have a seizure alert or assistance dog?

    Just curious the breed you chose and any pros/cons you have noticed with that particular breed. Thanks :)
  2. Jubileel

    New with something a bit different

    I didn't do a through search but I don't think anyone else has come here with a dog that suffers epilepsy. :) Ginsie is an eight year old female Cavalier King Charles/Cocker Spaniel mutt that I love dearly. I got her from the pound in Mississippi when she was 18 months old. Around four years...
  3. D

    When does an animal become a service animal?

    (I'm having a little bit of trouble using the search feature from my phone. I apologize if posts similar to this one have already been made.) Do any of you use a service animal to help you manage the problems associated with your seizures? I have a 7-year-old Rottweiler who's already saved my...
  4. ddr1166

    Does anyone have a dog that detects seizures?

    Hello, all - just curious about this - does anyone's dog act different before you/your spouse has a seizure? If so, what does it do? I've also heard there are "trained" seizure dogs you can get, so any info about that would be interesting (although I don't think we can afford it). I wish I...
  5. asalomonsterx

    Don't Know?

    Ok everyone, sorry I haven't been on in a long time. I have been fighting Social Security and won. I won my case for my disability for e. They say I have to forms of E. Also they say I have conversion disorder (have to research that I just wanted to all let you know also that my...
  6. S

    Service Animals

    Is anyone here using a Seizure Alert Animal? I have a beautiful Dog Named Dee -Who is my companion and service dog. I have a cat as well she always wants to lay on my back (LOL) Well you know they had that cat that could tell WHO was ready to Die in the Home! So it's kinda strange-She never did...
  7. A

    Seizure Alert/Response Dogs

    I have 2 Seizure Alert/Response Dogs and I find them undoubtedly helpful. The dogs work together. I find that the public is somewhat understanding of Service Dogs. Has anyone else considered SAD's? Good story about SAD's: The blog is Epilepsy friendly. I'm new and I can't post links yet...
  8. H

    Assistance dog for three-year old who experiences seizures daily
  9. Crystal11

    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone, Crystal11 also on as Crystal11. Happy to be here and nice to meet everyone here. It is really nice to see some people from on here as well. I am a college graduate with complex partial seizures, blindness and deafness. I am interested in finding people with...
  10. joan

    Seizure alert dogs

    Anyone have one? Any thoughts? joan*
  11. chinchillachic18

    seizure response dogs

    Does anyone here have a seizure dog? My doctor told me i should apply for one and im just curious about it. If you have one, tell me alittle bit about it..ya with a seizure response dog. That would make a good documentary! lol
  12. D

    Trained dog calls 911

    His owner was having a seizure I wonder if they could train a cat to do the same as I really don't like dogs. I did have a cat that used to answer my speaker phone when anyone called but he wouldn't talk to them or hang up the phone afterward...
  13. Wally

    Service Dogs

    Does anyone have a Service Dog for their E?
  14. B

    Hi. New to site. Looking for dogs

    Hi everyone! does anyone know where I might be able to find a reliable service dog company which has seizure detecting dogs?
  15. Moonwolf

    Sz alert dogs

    Don't know what its like anywhere else but in England there is a charity that trains dogs to let you know before hand that a sz is coming. You can go anywhere and take them with you, just like guide dogs for the blind. They will also alert your family if they are somewhere else in the house. I...
  16. B

    Dogs who can predict siezures

    Has anyone heard anything about this? Go to Maybe someone who has better computer skills than me can upload it for us! Thanks.
  17. OnQSiberians

    Siezure Response Dogs Available

    Hello all, We raise Siberian Huskies for a variety of Service and Assistance work, including Seizure Response. Please fell free to check out our site at as well as our MySpace @ ...
  18. Bernard

    Seizure Response Dogs

    Seizure response dogs can help folks who live alone get help after a seizure: Service dogs trained to help epilepsy patients
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