1. A

    Neurologist Appointment tomorrow

    Well, the day has come, my Neurologist appointment is tomorrow an for the first time, I'm a bit nervous. Maybe cause I don't really know the full results of the EEG, only that it came back normal but doesn't explain anything in detail. Plus I'll be giving him my history of head traumas and...
  2. M


    For 2 nights ago i had a little blackout. I fixed something with my iPhone and lied down to listen to audiobook. Then suddenly i had a blackout. I came to my self drooling a littlebit. And to day, i was playing bingo. I missed one number, something i normaly never do. Can this blackouts be seizures?
  3. JLogefeil

    The Seizure Crew!!

    rea1889 and I are apart of a crew called "The Seizure Crew" We make youtube video's about all types of seizures. We even talk about Conversion Disorder and PNES. We have lots of educational video's about medicines and videos of seizures too. If you have any questions we may be able to answer...
  4. JLogefeil

    What Does This Mean?

    I was looking at an old EEG report and it says this (Quote) The technologist noted the patient to be drowsy. The resting record consists of mainly drowsy and sleep states in the form of mixed frequency background compromising of beta and delta waves. Stage 1 and 2 of sleep were noted with its...
  5. E

    New here, had seizure yesterday..

    Hi, I guess I'm just here seeking support from people who know how awful epilepsy can be. I was diagnosed with partial and generalized seizures about 5 years ago. Many medications later and I was put on 100MGs of Keppra in Dec. 2011. All was good until yesterday, I suffered a grand mal...
  6. A

    EEG in 4 days, first one normal, second one could be different, was yours?

    I have my EEG in 4 days and the first results were normal & Neurologist says things can change from the first one and it's possible that the bleed I had covered reason for the seizure. I've been seizure free for 1 year and 10 months & read that you can have a seizure within 2 years of first one...
  7. M

    Can seizures cause a change in mood?

    I have noticed a definite change in my mood in the recent as my seizures have gotten worse. It's difficult to describe over the last couple of weeks I have been very sick trying to adjust to a new medication and I guess worrying about seizures doesn't help but I have a feeling that I am having...
  8. A

    Perhaps symptoms we have with seizures tell us where in the brain it comes from

    I was thinking that since a lot of us including me often don't know what part of the brain the seizures stem from, perhaps based on our symptoms, that's where they originate. Such as speech problems, maybe they originate in the temporal lobe, memory loss, maybe seizures happen in the frontal...
  9. A

    Head Trauma, Seizures YEARS later

    Has anyone had a head trauma that resulted in seizures YEARS later? The doctors have asked me again and again if I had head trauma previously after I had my seizure and at time I only recalled one but then came up with 6 more recently. I just saw a video that says that head trauma CAN cause...
  10. JLogefeil

    Going To My Neuro Appointment Tomorrow?

    I m nervous about going to my neuro appointment. Last time I went he uped my dose, he told me he was going to up my dose after he said "you shouldn't be having seizures if your on AED". I honestly didn't know how to reply to that. I don't know if he knows I was in the hospital twice since I...
  11. K

    Hi! New here, from the UK.

    :bigsmile: Hi there, I live in the UK. I have had epilepsy since I was 15yrs old, possibly since I was 12yrs old, but was diagnosed officially at age 15. I had Tonic Clonic seizures. And have been on Epilim since then, changing over to the Chrono version about 10yrs ago. Since then, 3yrs ago...
  12. JLogefeil

    Do Any Of You Act Like This?

    I went to the hospital yesterday and my hubby took a video of me and how I was acting. Do any of you act like this? I was just really irritated becuase the hospital wasn't doing anything for me and I was still having seizures. So I was just wanting to go home. I also have more videos of my trip...
  13. JLogefeil

    What Could It Be?

    Today I have been feeling not the greatest. I feel like I have a fast heart rate with a hard time breathing or a shortness of breath, my hubby says I feel a little warm. I tried taking a nap but it was so hard because it was hard to breath and my chest is pounding. I wanted my hubby to take me...
  14. JLogefeil

    Drinking And Then In The ER, Do They Give You?

    If you were drinking and you needed up in the ER, would they still give you AED like Ativan or dilatin though your IV? If not what do they do for you?
  15. JLogefeil

    Maybe This Is The Answer For Most Of Us?

    I thought this information was really cool. So I made a video, I would like to know if anyone every had one of these special EEG's and what are my chances of getting one? When do/does a DR. turn to one of theses EEG's? Are the EEG's mostly used for people who are having a hard time getting a...
  16. JLogefeil

    Drinking With Seizures & On Keppra?

    I have been wanting to drink for a while now but the last time I got drunk I had a seizure and ended up in the ER, that was over a year ago. But lately I want to drink and I don't know how it will effect me now since I m takin 1,500mg of Keppra. Does anyone know how this will effect you? Or...
  17. JLogefeil

    Can A Full Moon?

    I was doing fine till last night, I had a seizure. If I didn't have a seizure the ready of the month I would have only had 2 seizures this month(Aug), but I didn't i had one last night. My husband told me there was a full moon and I remember my mom telling me that a full moon set off people...
  18. L

    New, Absense seizures?

    Hi there! I'm pretty scared, confused, and looking for people to talk to. So here is a bit about me and what I am going through. Thank you for taking the time to read this its really appreciated. Its pretty common in my family to have a million different health issues. I have hypothyroidism...
  19. JLogefeil

    Can this be a cause!

    So as most of you know I was in the hospital again for seizures. I noticed every time I get out I have sore on my lips and/or in my mouth. My husband made a point to me he said " he said maybe your alergic to Adivan or Dilantin" To me that was like a light bulb went off in my head. Can anyone be...
  20. A

    Vitamin Deficiencies, Seizures and Anti-seizure medicine

    Ive been reading a lot of stuff in the past few hours and found this article. One of several but this one says that some anti-seizure medicines may deplete certain nutrients you need in your body. Many nutrients you need such as vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Botin, Vitamin B12, & more, canbe...