1. C

    New to seizures, epilepsy, and this website

    Hello, I'm completely new to all of this and very grateful to have somewhere, and someone, to talk to. My name's Cait, I'm 24 and had my first seizure in October. I was very stressed, sick with some unknown virus (still don't know what it was, I was told samples were sent to the CDC), and just...
  2. R

    Simple Partial/2ndary Generalized, AED side effectd

    Hi - I'm a 40-something Seattle-area professional, originally from the Northeast. I work in Web publishing and related fields. I've had seizures since my early twenties, starting about a year after injuring my head in a car accident. I also have an older half brother who had seizures as a...
  3. N

    Help- I don't know if i'm having seizures

    Hey, last saturday I was at a house party, had a little to drink (about 3 half glasses of beer) and the had 3 tonic clonic seizures. A neurologist said that I may just have been allergic to the alcohol as I'd never actually had beer before and my CT scan came back normal. But today I just...
  4. JLogefeil

    How Is Everyone?

    I haven't been on this site forever. How is everyone doing? I'm doing good I'm 25 weeks pregant and you can get updated and or follow me on YouTube my channel name is jujub428. Other then that, how is everyone?
  5. A

    Hello Again

    I have been here before but it was a while ago so I thought I'd reintroduce myself. I'm Annie. I have epilepsy. Mostly partial and partial complex seizures. I'm a grandma. I don't see my kids or grandkids much since I can't drive anymore. It's been three years since I lost my license to...
  6. K

    Benadryl and seizures

    I have been reading that Benadryl can lower your seizure threshold. I have 2 questions. First, does this include those that have seizures but are not on seizure medications. And, how long after you take Benadryl can it cause a seizure? The reason I'm asking this is because for the last few...
  7. D

    What kindof seizures are these?

    Are these atonic seizures or cataplexy? I have been having seizures for over 3 years now (I'm 28). They have only progressed despite taking Neurontin, Lamictal, Valium and Xanax. They started out as simple partials (flashing lights, nausea, hallucinations: olfactory, visual and auditory)...
  8. B

    new member

    Hi My name is Bill and my 22 year old autistic son has seizures and as a result chronic right shoulder anterior dislocations, and the docs dont want to operate until he is seizure free for a year. How have those of you who have similar situations dealt with this? We have been able to reeduce...
  9. A

    Non Epileptic Seizures

    I was looking at the conditions they have listed in my records from the clinic I see my Neurologist at and it now says I have Non Epileptic Seizures but at the same time it says I have Epilepsy. I just read where you can have both and it might explain the seizure I had but my Neurologist has...
  10. JLogefeil

    Pregnant With Epilepsy/Seizures, Will Things Change?

    I'm 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant and I'm worried about if I end up in the ambulance or the hospital. Will they treat me the same as when I wasn't pregnant or different (more concerned) that I'm pregnant? Has anyone had seizures/ epilepsy when pregnant? I read online that the if the paramedics...
  11. A

    4G Cell phone feature and Seizures

    Hello, I'm Mali I'm 32yrs old and I had never had a Seizure in my life until a year ago, a few weeks after i began using my new 4G enabled cell phone. First they began as Simple Partial seizures and slowly progressed to Grand Mal seizures. After the first Grand Mal my husband and I...
  12. thornton8000

    New doc new thoughts of what it is

    So yesterday I go to a new neuro, and explain everything that's happned and how certain things cause me to have seizures. He does the normal grab my fingers and squeeze, looks into my eyes and makes me walk the room. And states not seizure, PNES, I'm almost certain you have , neuropathy, and...
  13. A

    New- my 11mo baby girl has had 8 seizures in 2months.

    My Isabelle is now 11 months and was 9 months at her first seizure. She has has 8 in total as of today. The PHX children's hospital diagnosed her with epilepsy but the EEG and MRI did not show any signs. Blood work also came back good. She was born in time and at home naturally with a lmw. No...
  14. A

    Getting a drivers license, do you have to tell?

    Today I had to renew my license after having to order a birth certificate. I had to order one cause I couldn't find mine and it was costly and you can't get one without them. Anyway, when you go get your license, are you required to tell them if you have any medical conditions that would affect...
  15. A


    My Neurologist prescribed Nortriptyline for my vibrating foot so it would relax the nerves and turns out, it's an antidepressant. I know meds are prescribed all the time that's meant for one thing but also help other things. Just wondered if anyone's had experience with it. It helps me to...
  16. CBernieBlack

    Differences between Seizures and Epilepsy

    Morning all. =) thew out this video to the interwebs and it's about 3mins of two people talking about the basic differences between Seizures and Epilepsy. I at first was kind of excited to see people talking about it, but then when they were talking, I got frustrated because it...
  17. JLogefeil

    What Do You Do?

    My friends and I are talking about seiures and we got talking about hands during tonic clonic seizures. What happeneds to your hands while a seizure? Are they opened, closed, clenched, or open and closing? Please let us know, thank you:)
  18. PSUgirl2009

    Frequency of Seizures and Ovulation

    My friend sent me a few articles that study the frequency of seizure episodes during their monthly cycle. I thought it was really interesting. You can check out the information on my blog, "Partially Complex. Enjoy!
  19. A

    Aura's without seizures, more frequent or less on meds?

    Since being on meds, does anyone's aura's become more frequent or less frequent? I believe I first had an aura years ago in Walmart long before I ever had a seizure and I told the Neurologist about it and he seemed to think it was related but not concerning too much. Since I had the seizure...
  20. A

    Brain Atrophy & Seizures

    Has anyone been told you have Brain Atrophy & if so, do you have seizures with it? The Neurologist told me that I have it, other doctors discovered it but the Neurologist just confirmed it. It's shrinkage of the brain, sometimes affecting the whole brain or just part of it and it can occur by...