1. JLogefeil

    Should I Take My Husband To See A Doctor?

    Last night when my husband and I were sleeping I woke up to him like twiching really bad and breathing really heavy. This lasted a while and I have to wake him up for them to stop. Shawn my husband doesn't have seizures or anything like that. When he's about to fall asleep that's when the...
  2. JLogefeil

    Had 5 Seizures In A Row:(

    So I have been seizure free for three weeks today if I didnt have 5 seizures in a row last night. I ve been under a lot of stress and during the times that the stress was going on I had none but when the stress is going down I had 5 in a row. I'm on Keppra 1000mg a day why didn't the Keppra...
  3. JLogefeil

    Could This Happen To Someone Who Doesn't Have Seizures?

    I was wondering if someone who has never had a seizure take Anti Seizure Meds and the pills cause them to have seizures. The reason I m asking is because my friend was stealing my Keppra pills and I don't know how long she was doing this but I m afraid these pills will cause her to have...
  4. JLogefeil

    Could This Be A Sign Of A Seizure? Or My Keppra?

    I was just sitting in the car and my left arm just all of a sudden felt like a dead arm. Could this be a sign of a seizure a tonic clonic one or a different kind of seizure? If so what kind? Or could Keppra be causeing this? Please help I m worried. I haven't been diagnosed by a doc yet but...
  5. M

    de ja vu

    This is something that has been bugging me for a while. Is deja vu always seizure related? If someone with no history of seizures experiences deja vu, are they having a seizure? I used to love deja vu. It gave me a feeling of excitement, like I knew something others didn't or I had access to...
  6. JLogefeil

    Will This Effect My Diagnosis?

    So I have a question. I have an appointment to see a Nuroligist and I have been during research and I think that I will pass the test. If I pass the test like the physical Nuro test etc will this effect my diagnosis? Also, a person with tonic clonic seizure and they get the Nuro physical and...
  7. JLogefeil

    I'm Done!!

    My husband and I went to the hospital here and got the reports of when i went into the hospital. And everything that was said on it is what other peoples options. It said that my mother in law and my sister in law (witch was my best Friend at the time, we only said that so she don't have to sit...
  8. JLogefeil

    So My Pycholigist (spelled that wrong) What's Me Too. ????

    So my pych wants me to ask for a full work up when I go see my neurologist in about a month. What is a full work up? He also said that if the neruo I m seeing isn't going to help me he said to ask to go to a university. What is going to a university goin to do, when I hear thr word it makes me...
  9. JLogefeil

    What Should I Expect When I Go See A Neurologists?

    So I m goin to see a Neurologists in about manybe a month and I m just wondering what shoul I expect? It's for my seizures and I'm afraid that he/ she wount beleave me. Why kind of questions is this person going to ask etc?
  10. JLogefeil

    Can Keppra Make You Crazy?

    So I have been taking Keppra and I have been so moody and just very like crazy like. I feel as though I m losing my mind. I don't really remember anything and I think my husband is getting mad at me. Can Keppra do this should I stop taking them? Has this happend to you?
  11. JLogefeil

    Were Can I Get This Help?

    I have seizures and every time I go to the hospital my friends Denise and my mother in law make all my medical decisions and I keeps telling my husband that I don't want them to. Plus when my husband get a little overwhelmed he doesnt speak up, is there any way or paper I can get to fill out...
  12. JLogefeil

    Started Taking Keppra, Do People WhO Take This Feel The Same Way?

    So on Tuesday or Wednesday day I was walking home from the Social severity office and I had a seizure in the way home one the side of the highway and they let my go at 2:00 am I was in the ER for 11 hrs. Then next day I wanted to thank the people who helped me, so invites them over and I had...
  13. JLogefeil

    I'm Starting To Get Worried Now. Should I Be?

    So today has been really bad. I have been having TC seizures for the last 3 days and today I will be doing something or thinking of something and I all of a sudden forget what I m doing or thinking. Could this be becuase of the TC seizures? I m not on Amy meds yet becuase the doc in crescent...
  14. JLogefeil

    Do They Only Do This For Kids?

    I have been interested in getting a seizure alert dog. We're could I get info on this? Do they only do that kind of thing kids or is it for adults too? Do you have a seizure alert dog and how has the dog helped you during a seizure? Thank you
  15. JLogefeil

    Good News Everyone!! I Got Some Answers!

    So I had my last meeting with my Psychologist and he said there not psudoseizures but complex partial seizures. And said now the doctors will be able to work with you to find out if there something more to them. I can say that I m happy, I'm sure that sounds weird. I know for a fact that I m...
  16. JLogefeil

    Thank You Everyone!!! Everyone Please Read

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone that has and continues to answer my questions. I know I ask a lot of questions on this site and I hope I m not making anyone mad at me. The reason I ask so much is becuase I m not aloud to talk to anyone about my seizures they don't want to hear it, so...
  17. JLogefeil

    Can You Request This At The/A Hospital?

    The last time I was in the hospital for a seizure they interbated me becuase (Quote) she had multiple seizure en route despite having received Valium in the field. On arrival she had several more seizures that we're witnessed and not stopped by repeated doeses of Ativan in the ER. She received...
  18. JLogefeil

    Should I Tell My Doctors This?

    I looked at the report from this last time I went to the hospital and it said this about my eyes. Quote- bilaterally dilated pupils, but reactive to light. Extraocular movements or lid lag can not be commented on. Moist conjunctivae, anicteric sclera. Pupils are dilated, but reactive to...
  19. JLogefeil

    Are My Seizures Tonic Clonic? Please Answer!!

    I have been talking to psychological therapist because the doctors think that I'm having pseudoseizures. But I KNOW for a fact that I'm not having those kinds of seizures. So my therapist wanted me to have my husband write down what happens to me during a seizure. So this is what he wrote and I...
  20. JLogefeil

    Does This Happen To You? Should I Be Worried?

    So last night my husband said I had 3 seizures last night. So I woke up this morning and went to the bathroom and was really tired so I went back to bed but I noticed that it was hard for me to Sleep becuase it felt like my brain was being shocked or electrocuted. Should I be worried does this...