tonic clonic

  1. Eggbertx

    Seemingly regular seizures (also experiences w/ vinpocetine)

    I had another seizure this morning in the shower. Luckly, I was almost done and had a really powerful aura, so I was able to quickly finish up and lie down on my bed before the seizure hit me. I've noticed that I seem to have a seizure every four to five months on average, and looking at my...
  2. Eggbertx

    Seizures permanently having negative/permanent(?) affects on memory

    I could be wrong and spouting incredible amounts of nonsense here, but I've noticed that since I started having tonic-clonic seizures, my memory has been horrible. Well, a fair bet worse than usual. I remember reading something about memories being made by neural pathways (synapses?) in the...
  3. C

    Epilepsy and cluster migraines

    Hi, Unfortunately, I am back hoping, once again, for some help from the very supportive and kind people who participate on this Forum. Background info: My son, 27 years old and developmentally delayed, suffered two tonic clonics on March 10, 2014. They were only the 3rd and 4th he's suffered...
  4. Minkous

    New member! Question on being tired

    Hey Ya'll, I'm new here and introduced myself breifly in another topic. But my name is Minkous/ Marc and i started having seizures about 1.5 years ago when I was at lunch with a friend. I suffered one tonic clonic and found myself in the ER. I went back to normal life and found myself a few...
  5. PlumeAgate

    Regaining consiousness during a tonic-clonic.

    My worst seizure to date, aside from the one I had last year (it's still a toss up which one was more traumatizing), was in 2006 if i recall correctly. My sister and I were on a plane trip to Alaska, all the way from Texas. The whole day had been really stressful because we'd missed the check in...
  6. JLogefeil

    How High Does Yours Get?

    I was wondering how high does your heart rate get when having a tonic clonic seizure or a complex partial seizure?
  7. S

    Post ictal psychosis

    Ok, so I kind of like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, as I am new here. I started having myoclonic jerks when I was sixteen years old. I thought nothing of them at the time, as I had no diagnosis, and had never had a tonic clonic seizure. I blamed it on being tired or partying too...
  8. JLogefeil

    What Do You Do?

    My friends and I are talking about seiures and we got talking about hands during tonic clonic seizures. What happeneds to your hands while a seizure? Are they opened, closed, clenched, or open and closing? Please let us know, thank you:)
  9. D

    Need Advice for my 5yo Son

    Hi everyone..I'm in need of some advice from experienced parents. My story so far....... Approx 7 months ago my son (aged 4 1/2y at the time) experienced a tonic clonic seizure without warning and without a temperature at the time. Immediately after his temperature became raised. The hospital...
  10. I

    Hello, I'm a new member! Just diagnosed with a Seizure Disorder yesterday.

    I'm not the most social butterfly in the world, so when my doctor suggested to me that since we have a local support group for those with seizures, I was grateful but I still declined. I'm not the best with face-to-face social interactions, so here I am! It was great to see this website exists...
  11. SassySarah

    Newbie- Tonic Clonic Cluster Seizures with consciousnesses???

    So without writing a book - Hello! A year ago, two days after multiple nerve block for a dysfunctional sacroiliac joint as well as numerous degenerative discs in the lumbar region I began having severe tonic clonic cluster seizures while maintaining conciousness the majority of the time. After...
  12. JLogefeil

    Are My Seizures Tonic Clonic? Please Answer!!

    I have been talking to psychological therapist because the doctors think that I'm having pseudoseizures. But I KNOW for a fact that I'm not having those kinds of seizures. So my therapist wanted me to have my husband write down what happens to me during a seizure. So this is what he wrote and I...
  13. M

    Hey Everyone!

    I am new here! My name is Grace...I am 23 years old! I have had epilepsy since I was 15 years old.. I was having up to 3 seizures a day..every two days! On the 18th of January I underwent surgery to remove the lesion I was born with to remove my epilepsy I am as of today..2 months seizure free...
  14. foreverdark

    post tonic clonic seizure snoring

    My apologies for asking so much, but this is the first time I've found anyone but my neuro who knows about Epilepsy. My wife has seen the very end of my 2 known, probable grand-mal, seizures and she said I was doing a very distinctive "snore". My question is, does anyone have a video or know of...
  15. mikestightride

    New Here... Looking for Some Advice

    Hello everyone. This is a wonderful community that I stumbled upon. My name is Michael. I am a 27-year-old proud father of 2. A few years ago I experienced my first tonic-clonic seizure. I had no aura or warning signs (I just remember waking up in the ambulance). Soon after I had all of the...
  16. brain

    Tonic Clonic and Injuries - Updated Information (poor Brainy)

    To be blunt; I am a "procrastinator" being so used to these T/C's, having had one earlier this week - where at first happening so quickly where I smelled electrical burning, then felt the rising and then a sharp right turn on my head neck and *Bam* - to the floor (well - partially hitting the...
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