vitamin b6

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    Vitamin B 6

    Hi, folks! Is there anyone who is taking Keppra and valproate + vitamin B6?And if u do - how often? And do u really think it does make any difference? Thanks, Alice
  2. C

    B6 vitamins to mitigate effects of Keppra

    Hi, it's comforting to be here. I have a 27 yr. old, developmentally delayed son who was diagnosed with epilepsy 23 months ago. He was on 400 mg of dilantin (phenytoin) per day and appeared to be seizure free until March 10, 2014. That day, he had 2 tonic clonics and has had 5 partials in the...
  3. momof3boys

    I cant believe the difference in taking a b vitamin!

    Tuesday I noticed I ran out of the Vitamin B I take each morning with my Keppra and Carbatrol. Ive been taking the Vitamin B since November 2010. Ive seen its helped out alot with the Kepprage. Well, just over the past few days, we've been so darn busy, that I havnt gotten around to getting out...
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    [Research] Vitamin B6/magnesium therapy for autism, PDD, and ADHD

    Hi All As a person who has been diagnosed with a rare form of Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) Dependent Epilepsy, Dyslexia and Asperger's Syndrome I found this artical interesting, Hope you guys do:
  5. Staceypt


    Jason had a f/u EEG on Monday - still showing lots of spikes, but significantly less since starting the Keppra. We are still seeing seizures at home as well, though not as often. I spoke with his neurologist on the phone yesterday and she suggested we up the dosage of Keppra from 2.5mL...
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    vitamin B6

    I was experiencing many diffrerent types of seizures a day before starting vitamin B6 including Status Epilepticus. The seizures became so severe that I was given Paraldehyde. Phenobarbitone, Epanutin, Mysoline... etc. With no positive effects on my seizures. I am still using vitamin B6 to...
  7. M


    My son has been started on Keppra, and we have been at 3 mg for about 3 weeks now with one small partial seizure, at least that we are aware of, his seizures are all nocturnal, thus far. He has had behavioral side effects from the Keppra so he has been taken B6, my question is regarding dosage...
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    (((*** 40 years on vitamin b6 ***)))

    20th February 2011: It was on this day, 40 years ago, that my then paediatrician first administered Pyridoxine HCl (vitamin B6) in the hopes that it would stop my severe seizures. Here is my story regarding B vitamins: I had my first seizure at two weeks old. I spent the first six months of...
  9. N

    B Vitamins affecting sleep

    A recent NY Times article suggests that some multivitamins, particularly B6 and B12 may slightly affect sleep, depending on when they are taken: Here's the link:
  10. D

    Notes from a B6 Junkie

    After reading a couple of posts on here regarding what is the correct and safe amount of B6 to take, I recently decided to try some adjustments. A little background on my case, I take 500mg name brand Keppra 2 times per day to a whopping 1000mg daily. I am a 40 year old average 190 to 200lbs...
  11. justPassing

    Follow up Keppra

    Hello, ;-) I was quiet with Christmas coming I was kind of busy. Yesterday have moved to the family country house for the kids vacations. When I was about finishing to get the last things before a cousin came to pick us up, the nurse called. She had reviewed my last email about Keppra sides...
  12. Junebug

    Kepprage: How do you de-stress?

    I've been on Keppra-XR for almost 2 wks now and have been "Kepprage" that has been discussed here for about 1 wk every day. It's just little things like my daughter (7) won't listen to me when I tell her (several times) to clean her room, do her chores, or her homework, etc. This morning she...
  13. dfwtexas

    Warning - (My neuro says) do NOT take B6

    I saw my neurlogist yesterday and asked about what amount of B6 was safe to take with my Keppra. He said only the amount in a multi-vitamin is safe. He warned that B complex has severe affect on the neurlogistic system and can cause permanent damage. I am back to being sleepy and...
  14. A

    Autisum, GABA, Vitamin B6 and Seizures

    It is not uncommon for a child with Vitamin B6 Dependent Seizures to be Mentally impared, have learning difficulties or autism. I have been using vitamin B6 for over 37 years to control my seizures. AEDs have never had any positive effects on my seizures.
  15. L

    Fish Oil & multi B -vitamins

    Anyone using these together.
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    New Kid on the block!

    Hi All, My name is Andrew and I am 37yrs old. I have a very rare type of epilepsy known as Pyridoxine Dependant Epiepsy. I had my first seizure at two weeks old. I was in mum’s arms at home and the seizure was in the form of a slight tremble. I was about 3 weeks old when I had my next...
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