1. Bernard

    [Research] Safety, Efficacy, and Tolerability of Modified Atkins Diet in Persons With Drug-Resistant Epilepsy More evidence that diet can help seizure control even if you are taking meds or have "drug resistant epilepsy".
  2. C

    Morning, hello, happy Christmas, and help about the ketogenic diet and modified atkins diet please.

    Hi, I just joined this website, it helps to know there are others out there and also something for support and advice. I was wondering if anyone could help, please. I've had epilepsy for over 2 years now. After no or little response to lots of anti-epileptic drugs, and daily simple focal...
  3. S

    [Ketogenic] Ketogenic Diet

    Does anyone here do the ketogenic diet or Modified Atkins diet for seizures? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. B

    [MAD] awebsite neuro gave me

    I apologize but just go to It's the John HopkinsEpilepsy center. Diet Therapy Modified Atkins
  5. C

    Modified Atkins diet - advice?

    Hi I am new to this forum and new to this diet. Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Claire
  6. P

    [Research] Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures: it's zapping my energy

    Hi all, I am on the Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures, or MAD as some people know it, and am having some issues. While my seizures are way down, I have no energy and can't sleep. I know the original Atkins is meant for reducing carbs, which give you energy, so your body uses excess fat to...
  7. D

    Modified Atkins for absence seizures.

    Hi, I have heard a great deal of good stuff online about the modified Atkins for absence seizures, mine don't seem to want to play ball when it comes to medication. I'd like to try the diet route as an added extra to my current meds in the hope it will make some difference. However my...
  8. P

    Modified Atkins for Seizures: Adult + college

    Hello everyone, Right now, my new doctor put me on the Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures- however I am an adult (29) and going to college so it is a bit had to keep on it with all the restrictions and limited time to cook. Does anyone know of some basic foods that I can keep around to make...
  9. R

    Modified Atkins Diet - Limitation on vegetables?

    I was hoping to get some advice from someone whose been on MAD or maybe the Ketogenic diet... My wife has epilepsy, and her Doctor just recently put her on MAD in order to try and reduce/eliminate her medication. She is limited to 30-40 grams of carbs per day, which in and of itself is a...
  10. R

    Modified Atkins Diet (MAD) for Seizures - Ketone level too high?

    Hello all, My wife just started the MAD about a week ago in order to see if she can go on a reduced dose or come off of her seizure medication. We were delighted & scared to find out this morning that she's already in ketosis! We were surprised at how much higher her ketone level was than...
  11. Jann75

    Modified Atkins

    I have seen some older posts, but nothing in the past two years regarding this subject. Is anyone familiar with the diet or is anyone actively on it? Also, what does anyone have to share? I am going to meet with the dietician at my Dr. Office next week and I am suppose to get my labs drawn...
  12. KarenB

    [MAD] Modified Atkins Diet for Children with Epilepsy that doesn't respond to meds This study followed about 100 kids with severe epilepsy -- all had seizures every DAY, and all were on at least 3 meds. All the kids...
  13. Endless

    Modified Atkins Diet for Epilepsy in Adults

    There is a lot of talk in the forum about the MAD diet, so I thought I'd post this. There is a research study on the MAD diet for epilepsy that is currently recruiting. It's for people who haven't been on the MAD diet for at least a year, so for those who have wanted to try the MAD diet it...
  14. S

    Modified atkins vs low glycemic

    I am trying to decide which diet to do. My dietician has given me a choice of each one and I am wanting to get some feedback on how effective they have been to any of you on them. I have mixed generalized seizures which are primarily Myoclonic. Does any know if one is more effective than the...
  15. W

    [Ketogenic] Modified Atkins & Celiac Diet

    I am wanted to get some more information from anyone who has been on both the adkins and celiac diet together. I have Celiac Disease and not very controlled seizures (MJS). My doctor has set me up with a new dietician. But, she called me today and asked me what the Modified Adkins diet is. Which...
  16. s10sleeper

    [MAD] Just started Modified Atkins Diet

    So, about a week and a half ago I decided I would start on the modified atkins diet. I have been reading alot about ketogenic diets, and the atkins diet and decided to give it a try. I was warned that it was very hard to stick to, but so far I have had very few problems with it. It seems that...
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