1. TravisMN

    MN Neuro-Oncology symposium

    May 9th and 10th Minneapolis MN. Not strictly epilepsy, but quite detailed presentations relating to "neuro oncology"! I've been at the first two they had and it was professional level material. The parent/patient was a little watered down (for me) so I stuck with the raw medical presentation...
  2. A

    My Doctor was't surprised when I told him

    When I went to my doctor last Friday, I told him about my brain injuries and the brain atrophy and also the aura's and he was rather surprised at how many brain trauma's I've had and said that was most likely the cause of my brain atrophy. I said I read that a complication of atrophy can be...
  3. M

    Painless Lightning feelings in my head.

    I usualy Get them when im going info a fever. Now i have them all the time, sine i stopped taking cipralex against Anxiety. They strike and lasting in a quarter of a second. I hearing a buzz sound. The lightning feeling are triggered by cold and warm changes. Can this actualy be epileptic...
  4. A

    Brain Atrophy & Seizures

    Has anyone been told you have Brain Atrophy & if so, do you have seizures with it? The Neurologist told me that I have it, other doctors discovered it but the Neurologist just confirmed it. It's shrinkage of the brain, sometimes affecting the whole brain or just part of it and it can occur by...
  5. A

    EEG is done, now the wait

    Well, home from the EEG. Not much to tell, I won't know the results for 1 to 2 days. Last time, they did a series of flashing lights with my eyes closed and I blew on a pinwheel for 3 minutes to bring on hyperventilation. They didn't do the pinwheel thing this time because of the fact I had a...
  6. A

    EEG in 4 days, first one normal, second one could be different, was yours?

    I have my EEG in 4 days and the first results were normal & Neurologist says things can change from the first one and it's possible that the bleed I had covered reason for the seizure. I've been seizure free for 1 year and 10 months & read that you can have a seizure within 2 years of first one...
  7. M

    Doing strange stuff in night

    I have seen a clip on youtube of a boy having seizure activity during sleep. He sat up in the bed, and layed down again to sleep. Thats exactly what happening to me. I recording my sleep. And sometimes i screaming and this night i tryed to catch something. My eyes are open. Can this be epileptic...
  8. A

    Perhaps symptoms we have with seizures tell us where in the brain it comes from

    I was thinking that since a lot of us including me often don't know what part of the brain the seizures stem from, perhaps based on our symptoms, that's where they originate. Such as speech problems, maybe they originate in the temporal lobe, memory loss, maybe seizures happen in the frontal...
  9. A

    Brain Flashes?

    I don't know if any of you have had this but last night I was in bed, the room was dark and I had my eyes closed. I just started to drift off when it happened. You know how during a storm, you see flash lightening on the horizon? Kind of also like just seeing the glow of city lights on the...
  10. A

    When your Neurologist gives you that strange look

    I don't know if anyone's done it but the last time I saw him, he mentioned it being a year since the seizure and I said almost a year but I wasn't thinking about the seizure, I was thinking about the brain surgery cause they were two months apart. He thought I was talking about the seizure and...
  11. A

    My Head after brain surgery

    These pics I took myself after my brain surgery. You can see the incision and the red spot next to it is where they put in a drain, a long tube attached to a bulb similar to that you see on a blood pressure cuff and where they drilled the hole in my skull. Will always have a dent in my head.
  12. A

    Brain Scarring and or Damage

    The last time I saw my Neurologist, he brought up the fact that because of the bleed, I may have scar tissue on my brain & I've read this can lead to more seizures. He didn't go into detail but he did mention it. I plan to ask him about it at next appointment. In all my research and cosidering...
  13. A

    This is my brain MRI, shows Blood on left side

    This image alone shows the images of what my brain looked like on the MRI when they discovered the blood. Entire right side was filled so much, it pressed on my brain. Probably started bleeding at the time of seizure and wasn't discovered till 2 months later. YAY, got it right this time, was...
  14. A

    New here, my name is Ramona & I had my seizure Jan 4th 2011

    My story doesn’t actually begin with having seizures but I think it definitely lead up to it. The beginning started about 8 years ago now I think when I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. In the beginning when I was diagnosed, I had medications for it but it wasn’t long until I could no...
  15. JLogefeil

    What's The Diffrence Between Seizures On The Surface Of The Brian?

    My mother n law:( told me that the seizures tht happen on the surface of the brain cause brain damage but the ones that are deeper don't. Is this true and what's the Diffrence between the too?
  16. JLogefeil

    Does This Happen To You? Should I Be Worried?

    So last night my husband said I had 3 seizures last night. So I woke up this morning and went to the bathroom and was really tired so I went back to bed but I noticed that it was hard for me to Sleep becuase it felt like my brain was being shocked or electrocuted. Should I be worried does this...
  17. F

    New to Forum: New York

    Just joined the forum hoping to see if my symptomology fits an epilepsy profile of any kind. First, a little background. I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder approximately 7 years ago. Tried many medications until this past year when I finally admitted I was anorexic and bulemic, which, of...
  18. Jake

    What a seizure looks like in the brain

  19. RobinN

    [Research] Brain Inflammation Linked to Suicidal Tendencies
  20. Weevie

    Prove You're A Genius!!

    Send Me A Private Message With Your Answer. Anyone with the correct answer I will send a private message telling them they are correct and also a note of congratulations to the wall There is a bus with 7 girls on it. Each girl has 7 bags. In each bag, there are 7 big cats Each big cat has 7...
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