1. Janus


    I had the VNS INSTALLED yesterday. We can not do anything about my loss of voice. I already have lost most of my voice. I am so upset. I wish I never had this done. I would take seizures over the loss of voice, any day. I can't have it undone. They said. I may find someone in another country. I...
  2. arnie

    The Danger Within Us (book)

    Hi all! I want to start a thread on the book "The Danger Within Us" by Jeanne Lenzer. I'm only about a third of the way through it but I think it should be recommended reading for anyone who is intimately involved with the medical community, and required reading for anyone even considering...
  3. D

    [Info] VNS pain

    I just wanted to see if anyone else who has a VNS has pain with the VNS itself, not the stimulation, but where the VNS itself is, such as if it gets bumped against or you touch it. Also it is red, but not excessively so. I just wanted to make sure.
  4. skyfire322

    Inpatient EEG, possible VNS.

    For the past week, I've been having different types of seizures (complex partials, grand mals, tonics). When I had my video EEG two months back, it came back abnormal (showed subclinical and clinical evidence). *Luckily* I just got back from my neurologist appointment. I had told him...
  5. D

    VNS a Cure-alll

    Vagus Nerve Stimulation to Augment Recovery From Minimally Conscious or Persistently Vegetative States After Traumatic Brain Injury Heroin seeking behavior in rats Burn-induced organ...
  6. edepew151

    VNS and stomach pains?

    Has anybody had severe abdominal pain after getting a VNS? For about 3 months now, I've been having this terrible pain in my abdomen. It has gotten to the point that I've been to the ER twice just for pain killers (a big deal for me, because I have a crazy-high pain tolerance). At first the...
  7. screaminghelix

    VNS Journal. (Ongoing thread)

    Hello all! My name is Jeff. I recently had a VNS device put in. About 3 weeks ago. I wanted to start a journal of my ongoing progress. I am having quite many side effects, so I just wanted to give as much info as possible. I feel those that are considering the options need to be made aware of...
  8. D

    [Research] Vagal Nerve Stimulation

    Why the FDA Can’t Protect the Public Medical device makers often fail to properly conduct safety studies and the US Food and Drug Administration provides scant oversight. By Shannon Brownlee, New America Foundation and Jeanne Lenzer, medical investigative journalist November 2010 | BMJ...
  9. Taylor's_mom

    Vagus nerve stim

    Anyone tried this? Results? My daughters dr brought it up as something to think about Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. T

    felbamate vs. VNS help please!!!!!

    i need to make a decision on what i want to put my 4yr old son on...... they both have ups and downs to them...... here are the pros and cons for both and then please let me know what you think!!! felbamate pro- 1. 50%-50% of being seizure free con- 2. can develope permanant and fatal side...
  11. angie2312

    Vagas Nerve Stimulation

    Hi all I have just come across the treatment VNS . It sounds brilliant and after reading much about it , would really like to have it done . Am not sure my Neurologist will agree . Has anyone else had this done ?!? Would love to know more about it if anyone can help Thank you Andrea
  12. M

    Vagus Nerve Stimulator

    Does anyone have VNS? If so how well does it work for you? I got it back in 07' and i'd say its finally done some good when I have a seizure feeling. Works well when I become stressed on occasion.
  13. UKEpilepsy

    Father of a 5 y/o Epileptic Boy.

    Hey all. Im Andy Morley i am the father of Thomas (Tom), he is 5 years old and has generalised partial epilepsy. He suffers from Atonic and Tonic Clonis Seizures. He also has a Vagus Nerve Stimulator. I run an epilepsy blog here in the UK, (uk epilepsy . com) Nice to meet you all. Andy & Tom.
  14. D

    [News] VNS in Reader's Digest

    The Sept. issue of Reader's Digest has an article about the VNS on pg.118. This is a MUST READ if you have the implant, lost a loved one who had the device or if you are contemplating VNS surgery.
  15. Junebug

    Need a new VNS

    anyone know what they do about that? Do they replace all the wires and everything or leave them alone? Any and all info you could give would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  16. neilB


    I came across this and since some folks are on a VNS I thought it might be of interest. Neil (Sorry it didn't show up as a hyperlink)
  17. TexasMommy

    Vns question?

    I heard the other day about a new treatment called "VNS" or "Vagus nerve stimulation". I am going to ask my doctor about if I was a canidate or not, but I wanted to see what your experiences were if yall had the surgery and if it really works. I have psuedoseziuers and partial complex seizures...
  18. P

    Deep breathing improves VNS results

    Several components contribute to the profound influence of deep breathing upon the nervous system. One of the chief connections between the respiratory and nervous systems is the vagus nerve. Since the vagus nerve carries information from the body to the brain, deep breathing makes a lot of...
  19. M


    Don't know if i'm posting on right forum... I would like too mee others who have the VNS... I have too say it was 1 of the things that saved my life... Proud too say that would just like too get get others opinions... I first heard about it at UTMB in the late 90's when I was not doing so hot...
  20. Junebug

    VNS Who has had theirs replaced?

    I just went to my drs the other day and he was updating my VNS and moved up the time between cycles to closer between (1.8 min on a rapid cycle) and during that time checked the battery life and he said it is between 3-6 months left on the battery. I am going back in to talk to him about getting...
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