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  1. Bernard

    [Research] Safety, Efficacy, and Tolerability of Modified Atkins Diet in Persons With Drug-Resistant Epilepsy More evidence that diet can help seizure control even if you are taking meds or have "drug resistant epilepsy".
  2. C

    Modified Atkins diet - advice?

    Hi I am new to this forum and new to this diet. Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Claire
  3. P

    [Research] Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures: it's zapping my energy

    Hi all, I am on the Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures, or MAD as some people know it, and am having some issues. While my seizures are way down, I have no energy and can't sleep. I know the original Atkins is meant for reducing carbs, which give you energy, so your body uses excess fat to...
  4. P

    Modified Atkins for Seizures: Adult + college

    Hello everyone, Right now, my new doctor put me on the Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures- however I am an adult (29) and going to college so it is a bit had to keep on it with all the restrictions and limited time to cook. Does anyone know of some basic foods that I can keep around to make...
  5. G

    [MAD] Stressed with Planning Meals

    Hello, I started the Modified Atkins Diet 3 weeks ago. I'm having a tough time with a couple of things. I LOVE cooking and am not a picky eater at all. I thought that would make this easier for me, but instead it is having the opposite effect. There are so many meals I would like to make but...
  6. Endless

    Modified Atkins Diet for Epilepsy in Adults

    There is a lot of talk in the forum about the MAD diet, so I thought I'd post this. There is a research study on the MAD diet for epilepsy that is currently recruiting. It's for people who haven't been on the MAD diet for at least a year, so for those who have wanted to try the MAD diet it...
  7. S

    Modified atkins vs low glycemic

    I am trying to decide which diet to do. My dietician has given me a choice of each one and I am wanting to get some feedback on how effective they have been to any of you on them. I have mixed generalized seizures which are primarily Myoclonic. Does any know if one is more effective than the...
  8. Justin

    Modified Atkins Diet

    Hi I just started the modified atkins diet 2 weeks ago and I have more energy and some smaller seizures. I am 18 and I have been on a ton of meds since I have had epilepsy since I was 2. I am really wanting these seizures to go away. I need some recipes (especially for sweets like cake, candy...
  9. joan

    [MAD] MAD - Modified Atkins Diet

    I know a few of you know about this but I wanted to share our experieince. Jennifer tried 3 drugs and none of them did much good. The side effects from the meds just changed this kid into a zombie. We are at 750 keppra only right now. Jennifer started MAD June 10th. We were told there...
  10. Bernard

    Chia Seeds - Super food for all diets?

    I was reading about these seeds in a newsletter from our local vitamin store and was pretty amazed that I had not heard about this Aztec staple food before. Check it out: Chia Seed - Ten Benefits from this Power Food and Brain Food Chia -- Science Agrees Seed Is the Perfect Food There...
  11. T

    Atkins Diet

    I have heard about the Ketogenic diet, but I recently read about the Atkins diet helping with epilepsy. Has anyone else heard about this? Any links or info on it?
  12. R

    [MAD] Modified Atkins Diet

    Has anybody tried the Atkins diet (Ketogenic) for intractible temporal lobe episodes? I am in the sixth month and it has been mostly successful. My seizures are far less frequent and less severe, too. :clap:
  13. RobinN

    Atkins vs Low Carb

    I have been truly pondering this issue lately, as I see a lot of talk on other neuro sites (mainly ASD, but also seizure related, and PDD, and chronic illnesses). I see often that the Atkins Diet is used in place of the Ketogenic diet, mainly since it is much more user friendly. I see that the...
  14. Bernard

    [LGIT, MA] Black Beluga Lentil "Tabouli"

    I credit this recipe to my mother who made it up one day when she didn't have any bulgar (cracked) wheat to make traditional tabouli and substituted Black Beluga lentils. It tastes great! Ingredients1/2 can Black Beluga lentils1-2 lbs of fresh Parsely1/2 medium onion chopped fine (I prefer...
  15. RobinN

    [LGIT, MA, GARD] Pesto Pasta (Primavera)

    Package of Brown Rice Pasta Cook according to package Package of Basiltops Dairy Free Pesto (ingredients: Fresh basil, olive oil, pine nuts, fresh garlic, lemon juice, sea salt, and fresh pepper) Add to cooked pasta Toast some pine nuts and sprinkle over pasta Option: I also grill/cook up some...
  16. Bernard

    [LGIT, MA, GARD] Guacamole

    I live in Texas and cannot stand guacamole made with sour cream or other fillers. This is how guacamole should be made: Ingredients1 to 2 Hass Avacados (if you can't find ripe Hass Avacados - don't bother making guacamole - other kinds of avacados don't have the same fat content and buttery...
  17. Bernard

    [LGIT, MA, GARD] Ginger squash-mushroom wraps

    This recipe was originally published in Fit for Life or one of Marylin Diamonds' cookbooks I think. I honestly don't remember which book I got it from decades ago. It's good though. These are best served with guacamole (I put the guacamole inside the wrap). Ingredientssprouted grain...
  18. Bernard

    [LGIT, MA] Lentil soup

    I love lentil soup. I make several variations of this recipe from time to time. It is hearty enough to eat all by itself or with a salad and a slice of your favorite bread. Tumeric is an excellent antioxidant and this soup is great for anyone with a cold. Ingredients1-2 medium carrots...
  19. Bernard

    [LGIT, MA, KD] - Sauteed greens (collard, chards, mustard, etc.)

    I love greens - collard greens, swiss chard and to a lesser extent - mustard greens. Especially with mashed potatoes and some almond crusted schnitzels. Ingredients1-2 bunches of greens (either collard greens, swiss chard or mustard greens)4-5 cloves garlic (use less if you are not a fan of...
  20. Bernard

    What diets have you tried (>1 month) for seizure control?

    Multiple choice anonymous voting. Please vote for any that you have tried whether they worked or not.
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